Putting the fun back into Parking

Windscreen ticket

Most private Parking Tickets are not issued properly. Companies such as ParkingEye have stated that 65% of their tickets are cancelled on appeal to themselves. POPLA reveal 46% of the rest are cancelled. However, you can get almost 100% of their tickets cancelled when following the proper appeals process. It is important to use the right 'jargon' and the correct appeal reasons.

You can do it yourself, or with free help from online forums.

If you have received a windscreen ticket, or Notice to Driver (NtD) then the usual advice is to wait for the next stage, which is the Notice to Keeper (NtK). This is because this must be delivered within a set time frame, 28-56 days after the parking event. This therefore gives the parking company more chance to 'mess up'

Some parking companies do not have access to the DCVLA database, and therefore all they can do is issued NtD's. You will never get a follow up letter because they do not know your address.

The exception to this rule is if the car is a hire or lease car, or if you were the driver and for some reason do not want the keeper to get involved. In this case you would appeal to the parking company as soon as possible to stop letters going to the hire company and possible charges arising. In such cases you should appeal as the keeper