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The Range

This information is believed to be correct. For any corrections, please use the contact me form.

The Range is owned by CDO Superstores, but they don't own all the car parks. To contact them to get your charge cancelled, the address is: The Range,Tamar House,Thornbury Road,Estover,Plymouth,PL6 7PT

To contact the CEO of the range, Chris Dawson, email cdawson@therange.co.uk. Mr Dawson is a well-known entrepreneur and has appeared regularly on national television. He is concerned with the reputation of The Range and therefore will be more than happy to hear of any problems at his stores.

The Range in Colchester, Cowdray Centre is owned by F & C - contact email is richard.wilson@fandc.com.

ParkingEye do not have contracts for all The Range stores - for instance, they have been booted out from The Range, St Helens for unknown reasons.

ParkingEye have not produced contracts for any of The Range sites dated before Feb 2013, so if your charge is before then it is unlikely a contract is in place. If it is after then, then a similarly worded contract has been found to not allow ParkingEye the right to take action in their own name (ParkingEye v Sharma, ParkingEye v Gardam)

ParkingEye do have a letter of written authority from The Range, but it is undated and has been rejected by the judge in ParkingEye v Walkden, 3QT52338.

Signs at The Range, have been found to be insufficient. (ParkingEye v Rogers, lack of entrance signage)

Signs at The Range have been found to be misleading (ParkingEye v Lemon, confusing signs)