Putting the fun back into Parking

Rheidol Retail Park

ParkingEye have never shown a contract for this site, so the suspicion is that this is one of their sites where there are contract difficulties. On 28/03/2014 DDJ Potts dismissed claim 3DJ13428, ParkingEye v Williams because ParkingEye could not produce a contract.

ParkingEye are on record as stating that the charge for this site is for loss of revenue to shops if you stay too long. Therefore, any other explanation can be viewed as an attempt to deceive the court. To download a copy of this document, see below:

ParkingEye document regarding Rheidol pre-estimate of loss calculation, Feb 2013

​ParkingEye have been caught using fake witness statements where the signature of Nicholas Short, an employee of Fletcher King, was photocopied and used repeatedly with different dates added.

The Landowner is not known. The site is managed by Fletcher King, 61 Conduit Street, London, W1S 2GB. 0207 4912100.

​It is believed the contact person is either James Kermode, jk@fletcherking.co.uk, or Nicholas Short.