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Other Noteworthy Court Cases (not ParkingEye)

VCS v Rachael Finn (3QZ64216 Sheffield County Court 02/04/2014)
Claim for £732.81 + Court Costs (multiple tickets). 
​VCS lost because the charge was not a genuine pre-estimate of loss.The judge took a long time to go through the figures provided by VCS; the same figures which have lost in POPLA multiple times. The claimants made a mess of trying to justify quite a few categories and the judge stated that if the business really operated like this it must owe a lot of money.

Civil Enforcement Ltd v McCafferty (3YK50188, Luton County Court, 21/02/2014). 
Mr Recorder Gibson QC dismissed the appeal, and upheld the previous ruling of Deputy District Judge Wharton at Watford County Court, that the Claimant’s parking charge was a penalty, and therefore not recoverable. 
This case was for a contractual charge and not a breach of contract.