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How to use this site

This site currently has information on how to fight a ParkingEye court case. If you are fighting court cases from other parking companies, then some of the information (perhaps most) will still be relevant, but obviously they will have slightly different tactics for fighting the case.

If you have just received a ticket or want to know how to appeal to POPLA then this page gives links to other excellent that help with those stages. I am active on moneysavingexpert so if you post there I may help anyway.

Here is a link to recent ParkingEye court losses. As you can see, with a strong defence you can beat them in court. I keep this up to date so refer back to this page.

Here is a link to transcripts you may want to rely on in building your case

Some of these are cracking reads. ParkingEye v Collins-Daniel shows that if you have a good defence the judge will do all the work for you. I buy these transcripts with the proceeds of my guide.

This is a link to a fairly brief sample skeleton defence, with supporting evidence. Use this defence if you are short of time.

This is essentially the defence used by 'bargepole' for his wins (Gardam and Sharma). The theory behind this is the the actual defence is short and simple, therefore easy for a judge (and yourself) to follow. The evidence is there to back up all the assertions.

Links to my 2 guides

Guide 1 explains the processes, the forms, what happens in court, etc, and is the price of a cup of coffee. All money goes towards funding myself and others with expenses in helping fight court cases, such as travel costs, transcripts, etc.

Guide 2 gives the legal arguments you can use and is totally free.

Use this to build a stronger, more tailored defence to the sample defence.Use the Amazon link to get the first guide on a Kindle, or the Smashwords link for all other formats. Guide 2 is only available on smashwords because you cannot do free books on the Kindle easily.All examples and evidence you can use from both guides are free and on the web site.There is information about specific car parks herehttp://parking-prankster.com/car-parks.htmlHope this is not information overload!If you have specific questions please get in touch and also let me know how your case is progressing. If you are nervous about appearing in court I am part of a network of lay representatives who may be able to turn up for free.If you find my guides useful please rate them on Amazon or Smashwords. If not, please let me know how they can be improved.