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Version 2. Released 10 Feb 2014

The Parking Prankster Guide to Fighting a ParkingEye Court Claim

o Form N149 Allocation Questionnaire has been replaced with form N180 Directions Questionnaire.
o LPC Law costs example of £210 added
o 3JD prefix information clarified

Legal Arguments to Use in a ParkingEye Court Claim

o Form N149 replaced with N180
o Induction loop costs

Version 3, released June 2014

The Parking Prankster Guide to Defending a ParkingEye Court Claim

oRenamed from 'Fighting' to 'Defending'

o Free proof of postage

o McKenzie Friends​ o Lay Representatives o Defences which are too large to file online o Landowner witness statement o Hearings in Welsh o Not resident in England or Wales o ParkingEye no longer file detailed particulars of claim o Court selection o N180 form – accompanying letter o Court Mediation o Landowner negotiation o POPLA referral web page o Landowner witness statement o Landowner Letter of Authority o Landowner Contract o ParkingEye witness statement o LPC Law right of advocacy o Part 18 requests

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