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Fistral Beach Car Park

This was a notorious money spinner for ParkingEye and there were many complaints to the council about this car park. This is the number one FAQ on the Newquay Council web site:

I have been overcharged by 'Parking Eye' at Fistral Beach Car Park. What can I do?

This issue has come up a lot recently. The Car Park land is not owned by Newquay Town Council and so unfortunately we do not have any legal right to interfere with these matters. The Parking Eye system operates using a camera photographing your car registration details as it enters and leaves the car park. This means you need to have left by the time the ticket is due to end. You will be fined for leaving after your alloted time is up. Unfortunately there is no leeway when it comes to this. The best course of action to take is to contact Parking Eye directly by emailing them atinfo@parkingeye.co.uk. Or if you'd like to appeal a fine you can e-mail them at appeals@parkingeye.co.uk. We also recommend contacting Cornwall Council's Roads, Transport and Parking office on 0300 1234 222

This information is out of date as ParkingEye no longer accept email appeals.

The signage has been found to be inadequate by POPLA, but there is no reason for ParkingEye to change it when it brings in so much money for them. The entrance signage is not compliant with the BPA code of practice, and there are entrapment zones in the car park. Many holidaymakers drive to the edge of the car park in the evening and watch the surf. There are not signs there, so  the motorist never realises it is a pay and display car park. ParkingEye are well aware of this, but putting signs there would cut down on the money they make.

There are reports of double-dips in this car park (getting charged for one long visit when you make two), which may mean the cameras are badly sited.

ParkingEye have been caught using untrue witness statements on this site, where the landowner is not correctly identified.

ParkingEye have been caught out sending incorrect signage maps to POPLA and the courts regarding this site.

In 2015 ParkingEye's contract was cancelled mainly due to all the hassle, and Smart Parking were installed instead. Matters have reportedly not improved much.

The car park is leased from the council by Britanic Industries. 

Contact details are

Tel 01637872489

Britanic Industries Ltd,





​Jon Briant is the owner of Britanic Industries and has been very helpful with motorists with genuine problems parking at this site.