Putting the fun back into Parking

Exhibits referred to in the guide

ex001 - LPC Law brochure page 3

ex002 - Typical ParkingEye contract, (from a Freedom of Information request)

ex003 - ParkingEye accounts 2012

ex004 - FoI request showing no contract in place before Sep 27 2013, Corporation St, Preston

ex005 - Document showing no written authority in place before April 15 2013, Corporation St, Preston

ex006 - Number of requests to DVLA by ParkingEye

ex007 - ParkingEye justification of charges, circa Nov 2013

ex008 - Court claims filed by ParkingEye 2011-2013

ex009 - Schedule 4 of the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012

ex010 - Money flow diagram

ex011 - Asda sign allowing extra time

ex012 - Newspaper article - ParkingEye charge shoppers for overstay when they visit twice

ex013 - Wikipedia article on ANPR

ex014 - DVLA emails regarding double visits

ex015 - ANPR System Performance, Parking Trend International Magazine 2008

ex016 - Accuracy of Automatic Number Plate Recognition and Real World UK Number Plate Problems

ex017 - The essential security role of ANPR within an international airport

ex018 - ANPR Tutorial

ex019 - ANPR Embarassing misread on IGSecurity web site

ex020 - Press release of sale of ParkingEye to Capita

ex021 - POPLA Annual Report 2013 p5,7,11

ex022 - POPLA Decisions on ParkingEye's charges

ex023 - POPLA verdict

ex024 - POPLA verdict

ex025 - POPLA verdict

ex026 - POPLA verdict, H Greenslade, Lead Adjudicator

ex027 - British Parking Association code of practice v3, Excerpts

ex028 - BPA Council Papers - How £100 charge was agreed

ex029 - Office of Fair Trading deny ParkingEye's statement

ex030 - DVLA deny ParkingEye's statement

ex031 - DVLA guidance, page 23

ex032 - DVLA consumer forum 27 June 2013

ex033 - Fairlie v Fenton

ex034 - ParkingEye 2012/12 accounts - profit and loss sheet

ex035 - DVLA reply on keeper requests per ParkingEye financial year

ex036 - ParkingEye 2012/13 accounts

ex037 - ParkingEye 2012/13 accounts - profit and loss sheet

ex038 - Example VAT-only invoice

ex039 - HHJ Moloney leave to appeal

ex040 - HHJ Moloney leave to appeal (OCR)

ex041 - BPA DVLA trace agreement