Claims lost or dropped by ParkingEye in 2014 - March

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3JD13428 ParkingEye v Williams (Derby, 28/03/2014). Rheidol Retail Park. ParkingEye did not produce a contract. ParkingEye's lawyer asked for the case to be adjourned so a contract could be produced. The defendant argued that they wanted the case over with. DDJ Potts ruled that because of the small sums involved he would rule on the evidence available on the day.

3JD09341 ParkingEye v Jones (Bristol, 28/03/2014). Bristol Retail Park. DDJ Batstone agreed with the findings of DDJ Melville-Shreeve (ParkingEye v Collins-Daniel) that the signage in the car park was 'wholly deficient'. The judge referred to ParkingEye v Collins-Daniel case several times.

3JD05448 ParkingEye v Gilmartin. ParkingEye obtained a default judgement which was later contested. At the hearing ParkingEye did not attend and the judge agreed to refer the case to POPLA. POPLA ruled that as this was a free car park ParkingEye had to show there was an initial loss to the landowner. As they did not, all sums spent on recovering a non-existing loss could not count as part of a genuine pre-estimate of loss calculation. POPLA returned their verdict on 28/03/2014.

3JD00719 ParkingEye v Mr O. The driver overstayed at a retail park because they had to unexpectedly breastfeed their child. DJ Major at Croydon County Court referred the case to POPLA on 13/09/2013. ParkingEye did not submit any evidence to POPLA who had no alternative but to uphold the appeal.

3JD01136 ParkingEye v Gallen. ParkingEye dropped this case without explanation shortly before the hearing. It is not known if this was because they found out 'Bargepole' would be lay representative, or if it it was due to the high quality of Mr Gallen's defence. A large number of letters ParkingEye alleged were sent never arrived at Mr Gallen's house. The evidence ParkingEye submitted to prove the letters were delivered in fact proved the letters were not delivered.

3JD08399 ParkingEye v Ms X. (Altrincham 17/03/2014). Fistral Beach. The defendant spent 31 minutes waiting for a car park space during the crowded holiday season. The ANPR evidence was therefore not relevant as it showed the time in the car park, not the time parked. The judge ruled this was not against the terms and conditions of the signage. The judge also stated that in any case £100 was not likely to be a true pre-estimate of loss.

3JD10678 ParkingEye v Rickard (Aylesbury 13/03/2014). The contract was only produced on the day, was heavily redacted and too small to read. The judge dismissed the claim because ParkingEye had no standing to bring the case.

3JD06363 ParkingEye v Tubey (Derby 10/03/2014). DJ Stark. Claim stuck out (no further information)

3JD04274 ParkingEye v Slijvic (Warrington 10/03/2014) Holiday Inn, Sheffield. DDJ Glassbrook. ParkingEye argued they were the principal, which contradicted the Jonathan Langham witness statement and the Jonathan Kirk QC document on agency. The judge was not impressed. The signage information provided conflicted with itself. Making an honest mistake of the car park to use was an allowable defence.

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