Putting the fun back into Parking

Corporation St, Preston, PR1 2UZ

ParkingEye pay the landowner a bounty of 15% for all parking charges collected. As their explanation which they give to the courts does not mention this, perhaps they could be viewed as deliberately lying and trying to deceive the court.

​The land was owned by the Tyne and Wear Pension Fund and managed by the Council of the Borough of South Tyneside, but has since been sold. It is important therefore to note your parking date to find which contract, if any, was in use at the time.

The council only signed the contract with ParkingEye on 26 September 2013. Prior to that there was a letter of authority dated 15 April 2013. Prior to that no contracts have been provided and the 15 April letter of authority states the authority is needed 'to enable ParkingEye Ltd to continue to offer car park management services at the Site until such time that a contract is in place with the Landowner. This suggested no prior contract exists. Following that the council produced a contract dated 2008 between ParkingEye and GVA Grimley.

Nicola Rawlinson, principal solicitor for Tyne and Wear Pension Fund, agreed by email with ParkingEye that she would proved a signed witness statement which ParkingEye could then use over and over again without bothering her. When questioned by defendants, she took offence at the suggestion her signature was photocopied.

Nicola Rawlinson is on record as having signed several witness statements with clauses such as. 'The Operator had authority to issue a parking Charge for the Parking Event dated xxxxx. The email evidence suggests that she never received a copy of any of these parking charges, and therefore this statement was not in her knowledge to make.

Nicola Rawlinson has been asked several times whether ParkingEye have the authority to bring charges under their own name. She has always avoided answering this question, preferring instead to repeat that ParkingEye can pursue the charges in accordance with the British Parking Association Approved Operator Scheme Code of Practice.

In an email dated 13 November 2013 Nicola Rawlinson stated that GVA Grimley are not authorised by The Council of the Borough of South Tyneside acting in its capacity as Administrating Authority for the Tyne and Wear Pension Fund to appoint ParkingEye Ltd as the car park operator. This suggests the 2008 contract between ParkingEye and GVA Grimley is not valid.