Putting the fun back into Parking

Appealed to POPLA/IAS

The information on this page currently only applies to the POPLA appeal service. The IAS appeals service is run completely differently.

Once you have appealed to POPLA you should get an immediate reply (if you used the web) via email. You should check this to make sure your appeal got sent correctly. Don't worry that the formatting will be lost.

In one or two days you should get a further acknowledgement giving a likely hearing date. If you do not get this acknowledgement, ring and email POPLA.

28 days after receiving this acknowledgement, you should have received the operator's evidence pack. if you have not received it, ring and email POPLA. Many operators have stopped bothering to defend POPLA cases so this is not unusual, but you need to make sure it has not got 'lost in the post'

Soon after that your case will be heard.

If you came to this site after sending off your POPLA appeal, or if the operator evidence highlights something of concern, then you should email POPLA with your POPLA code in the subject line, and add further points to your appeal. You can do this at any time until the hearing occurs. If you do this, ask for an acknowledgement. If you do not get it within a day, phone POPLA.

‚ÄčIf you came to this site too late, and you lost your POPLA appeal, then unfortunately you do not get a second chance...

However if you were not the driver, the driver can also appeal. Write to the parking company with the name and address of the driver. This discharges your responsibility as keeper and the liability now rests with the driver. If there was a windscreen Notice to Driver then the parking company may not accept an appeal from the driver. If there was only a Notice to Keeper then they have to, and the appeal process restarts - this time you should win.

Otherwise you will now get a series of letters from the parking company. Some companies just send a few and then stop. Others are more litigous and may take you to court. There is a time limit of 6 years and some companies have been known to dredge up tickets which are several years old, so keep all paperwork.

To counter this, it is worth writing to the parking company explaining that the debt is denied and that you will not be paying unless there is a court ruling against you. To mitigate costs, there is therefore no point in them sending debt collection letters to you. Instead, if they wish to pursue the case in court, they should send you a letter before action compliant with practice directions. All other correspondence will be ignored.