Putting the fun back into Parking

The Prankster has written a document which can be used at POPLA or in court to explain the issues around ANPR technology, and the type of checks the Operator might reasonably be asked to make when there is a doubt over whether a double visit occurred.

It is worth noting that although the chance of this happening to a specific person is very small, the large number of car park visits made every day in the UK means that this is likely to happen several times a day over the entire country.

The following photographs taken from a notice to keeper illustrates this. In the first photograph, if the vehicle to the rear was slightly more to the right, or the vehicle in front slightly to the left, or was a taller vehicle such as a van, then the number plate would be obscured.

ANPR Technology

Many ANPR implementations are flawed because they only record images when a number plate is detected. This means that an entry or exit of your vehicle may be missed, if for instance, another vehicle drove close to yours and masked the number plate from the camera. This could cause the technology to record two short visits as one long visit.