Putting the fun back into Parking

It is worth noting that most signage in private car parks requires advertising consent due to its size. However, while private car parking companies are rigorous about enforcing the tinies breach of a parking contract, such diligence does not extend to their own adherence to the law.

​A large amount of research has been carried out by a member of the Consumer Action Group, shuteyepark, whose findings can be downloaded from this page.

1) Sites without advertising consent

2) Sites where consent was applied for late

3) Enforcement timeline 

Here is what a ParkingEye employee said about their strategy for applying for advertising consent.

One thing to note that may be of interest to you motorists is that the majority of sites, there is no planning permission.
We operated a model of retrospective planning.
So get the go ahead from the client, bang the system in and then if there was any noise file a retrospective planning order.
Point was to save on costs. And it worked.